(and maybe a little picky)

Have you ever had a perfect berry – perfectly colored, perfectly shaped, and perfectly sweet? When you’ve experienced that, all the others seem a little bland, don’t they?

At Rubi, we treat finding our cars a lot like finding a perfect berry. When you drive away from our dealership in your sweet new ride, we want you to feel like you’re driving a piece of perfection. In the pre-owned car market, you’d be surprised what some dealers are willing to sell! At Rubi, we select the best “fruit” (errrr…cars), and reject many beautiful vehicles, simply because they don’t meet our standards.

When we do find that little piece of perfection, we then take it to the next level: a full manufacturer inspection, body panel inspection, custom detailing,  and a safety review. On high performance vehicles, we verify tuning when possible, add horsepower and other aftermarket upgrades, and yes, we sometimes will make the sound match the appearance of the vehicle (does it feel like we’re inside your head?).